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Descripton of Facebook Credits

Facebook Credits is the currency created by Facebook to facilitate payment of games on the social network. Created about two years, the system virtual payment will be mandatory in all games of Facebook from 1st July 2011, but the idea is that in a not too distant future, all applications - games or not - are paid coins through Facebook. Credits can be bought via the Internet, smartphones and even in physical stores like Walmart, Target and Best Buy, the United States. The purpose of Facebook is to bring the sale of credits in physical spaces for more shops and more countries. It is also speculated that Facebook intends to extend the credits for real and not virtual than Facebook itself. The use of Facebook credits means to increase income on top of social networking applications such as FarmVille. For application developers means a system easier and faster payment to the user, which makes them play more, increasing your profits. And for the user, and the ease in payment, the unification of payments for any game causes it to plan your budget as a whole and can use the credits bought or won through notifications Facebook, for any game at any moment. In addition, Facebook has partnered with PayPal, in which Facebook users can pay for services of individual social network without having to purchase a minimum amount of money. Now you can pay for the application, or application service individually, even if it costs pennies without having to buy a fixed amount of credits.